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Competitors must be between the ages of 9-21, as of January 1, 2024. Students who are younger or older than regulation cut-off may participate in an ensemble, pas de deux, or duet/trio as long as the average ages still falls between ages 9-21.


The ADC IBC welcomes dancers of all nationalities.


Professional dancers are not permitted to enter the competition. "Professional Dancer" is defined by ADC IBC as, an individual who is or has been in the past employed as a full-time dancer with a professional dance company, and has been bound by contract for at least 26 weeks per year. Dancers holding Studio Company/Second Company or Trainee type positions are eligible. Company Apprentices are not eligible participants.


Professional, non-competitive partners of eligible participants are allowed. These partners must be denoted in the application.

Please refer to HOW TO JOIN Page for details on how to participate.




Primary Division: 9 -11 yrs old

Junior Division: 12-14 yrs old

Senior Division: 15-21 yrs old



  • Classical Ballet Division  - As a requirement to present a Classical Ballet variation, dancers must select from the provided Repertoire List for each respective age. 


  • Contemporary Dance Division - Dancers are responsible for obtaining rights to choreographic works. If the piece was created for the participant, this does not apply. If wanting to perform the exact work of George Balanchine, for example, you must contact the Balanchine Foundation for rights.


  • Ensemble Division (2 or more dancers)

  1. Classical Pas de Deux  - Required to select from Repertoire List. Adagio & coda only. Coda not required. Must notate on Application if performing Coda.

  2. Duet | Trio - May or may not select from Repertoire List. Any Contemporary style pas de deux will compete as a Duet.

  3. Ensemble - Groups of 4 or larger. May or may not select from Repertoire List.

*Dancers younger or older than regulation age may participate in ensemble division as long as average age of group fits within criteria.




ADC IBC is an Internationally respected platform for pre-professional dancers and is such working with a governing body to set forth best practices for health and welfare of dancers. The regulations below are NOT addressing the age at which pointe training should begin, as many variables exist. This is to dictate a suitable age for the presentation of pointe work at our events.

AGE 9-11

Age 9 & 10, strictly prohibited. If a dancer still chooses to present en pointe, deductions or disqualification may occur.

Age 11, strongly discouraged (at discretion of teacher).

*Teachers may make adjustments to original choreography to reflect the dancer's current level.

Please see Repertoire List  for Age specific variations.


AGE 12-14

ADC IBC's evaluation process is strenuous and is only recommended for serious ballet dancers. For Regional locations - If an Age 12 dancer feels additional pointe training is necessary in order to present such work, dancer may receive permission from competition to perform on demi-pointe without penalty. Age 13 & 14 - required.

Please see Repertoire List for Age specific variations.


AGE 15 - 21
Required for all female dancers.




  • Semi-final soloists - may solely enter one category, for example the Classical Ballet Division, for they are scored separately, and receive their own awards. To be eligible for Finals, dancers will need to perform a classical variation in a semi-final event. All Finalists - will be required to perform in both classical & contemporary styles.


  • Semi-final soloists - may register more than one variation in each category, however the solo with the highest score will be selected in consideration for top placement. Ex: one participant will not be awarded both 1st & 2nd Place in the same category.

    All Finalists - may only register 2 prepared solos (1 classical and 1 contemporary). The compulsory classical variation is given at the event.


  • ADC IBC reserves the right to decline any registration at it's discretion.

  • Dancers are welcome to participate in more than 1 semi-final event, if space permits.


  • Competitors may enter as a soloist, part of an ensemble, or both. (Ex: a student may enter a classical variation, contemporary solo, pas de deux, and be a part of an ensemble).


  • ADC IBC will determine whether all ensembles will compete together in the same age grouping or separated by age. In the case of separation, the average age will determine the age division for ensembles. Pas de Deux will compete Separate. Duo|Trio will compete separate.

  • Master classes - Soloist Dancers: all scored master classes are required for Semi-final & Final competitions. 
    Ensemble Dancers: students only participating in an ensemble are not required to participate in the provided master classes. If students wish to participate, they will join their age appropriate class on the schedule, and will not receive a participant #.


  • Medium to Large Prop usage is NOT permitted in any performance division. Only small props may be used, such as hat, scarf, etc. The stage must be cleared in a timely manner after a routine. Dances are not permitted to leave articles on the stage such as feathers or confetti. All props must be in place and also removed within 15 seconds. ADC IBC does not provide storage for props, does not assist with the movement of props on or off stage, and is not responsible for lost props or injury resulting from prop usage.


  • ADC IBC values age appropriate dances. If the judges consider the costuming or choreography to be inappropriate, immediate disqualification or point reductions may occur.


  • If an ensemble loses a member right before competition, and drops below the original number registered, they may still compete in the time limit allowed for the larger group. Ex: a group of 8 loses 1 member, giving them 7, they may still compete with the 5:00min length. If this circumstance occurs, immediately contact our office, so no points will be deducted from the groups' score the day of competition.


  • ADC IBC will determine whether Males & Females of the same age will compete in the same Division. Generally, males will compete separate from the females when more than 6 males are in an age division.


  • All Rules and the Release Agreement must be read and agreed upon before permitted to compete.


  • All Performances are held before a public audience.


  • ADC IBC reserves the right to use any photo or video recording of the participants during the competition for promotional purposes.


  • A tentative schedule will be available prior to event date. No time requests will be accepted. However, when you receive the schedule and find that you do not have enough time to change costumes, it is imperative that you contact our office immediately. If the office is not notified, and the stage manager and emcee are not aware of the situation, points will be deducted if not ready to compete. 8 numbers in between classical entries is sufficient time. 6 numbers in between contemporary numbers will act as sufficient time.


  • ADC IBC does run the competition numerically, but each competitor must be prepared to perform out of order. This is necessary to prevent delays in the competition due to costume changes.


  • Costumes and make-up are the responsibility of each competitor, and are not required.


  • ADC IBC holds the right to amend competition days and times if pertinent, and has the right to move the competition location if circumstances are presented beyond ADC IBC's control.


  • ADC IBC EXPECTS SPORTSMANLIKE behavior from ALL of our competitors, teachers & families. Failure to comply with this could result in disqualification.


  • The Jury reserves the right to not award all scholarships & prizes, and to divide any award between more than one competitor.


  • ADC IBC will provide electronic scoresheets to studio directors and independents at the conclusion of the competition. Located in your registration dashboard.


  • The competition is of a fair nature, and solely based on merit; thus the decisions of the judges are final.


  • All Medalists & Top Score Winners agree to perform, if requested by ADC IBC, for no fee at subsequent competition gala performances.


  • ADC IBC or it's hosting venues are NOT responsible for any damage, injury, or loss during the competition.



  • If any Issue arises, and it is not clearly addressed in the rules and regulations, the decision of ADC IBC shall be binding.

  • We strongly recommend all dancers, parents, and teachers to FOLLOW ADC IBC on our primary social media outlets @adcibc (INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK) for the most up-to-date news for all events, including venue information, registration information, and important updates.

  • Livestreams will not be available for Semi-Final events. Only available for the St. Petersburg Finals.








Solo Variations: no more than 2:30 min (STRICT ADHERENCE)

Pas de Deux: no more than 6:00 min (inclusive of adagio & coda, if more than limit, you must find another recording or perform only the adagio.)

Duet|Trio: no more than 2:45 min (contemporary pas de deux's are considered a 'Duet')

Ensemble (4-7 Dancers) - no more than 3:30min

Ensemble (8+ Dancers) - no more than 5:00min


*For Ensemble Division:

Extended Time Permitted, subject to time availability of event schedule.

A $100 charge per additional minute will apply. Pro-rated minutes available. Please contact our office, and charge will be added to your DCG account.

With Extended Time, Duo/Trio must NOT Exceed 3:45min.

With Extended Time, Ensemble (4-7 Dancers) must NOT Exceed 5:00min.

With Extended Time, Ensemble (8+ Dancers) must NOT Exceed 6:00min.



View the different fee schedules listed below. We are offering Early Registration rates. Please make note of the date payment is required to receive stated rate. The system will automatically adjust the fee schedule on September 1 at midnight EST. And will adjust again 45 days prior to each event for late registrants.

Early Registration
Full Payment Required by August 31, 2023


Solo Variations - $110 per variation

Pas de Deux - $230

Duo|Trio - $75 per dancer

Ensemble - $55 per dancer

Administrative Fee (per person)  - $125




































  • When registering a pas de deux, duet, trio, or an ensemble, our system does not allow individual parents to go in and make payments. These entry types will need to be paid in full by a single individual, whether a teacher or a parent, and the per dancer charges will need to be handled between the dancers' families. The administrative fee is a one-time fee per location per dancer, thus if a student is charged for their solo entries, and also when an ensemble dance is registered, the soloist is charged a second time, you will need to contact our office, so we can reverse the double charge. This only occurs when solos are registered on a different account from the ensemble dances. If all studio routines (solos & groups) are registered by the school, these double charges will not occur. 

  • All online applications will be required to complete full payment at time of registration. There will be no option to make partial payments or a deposit.

  • As deadlines or max capacity approaches, accounts that have started registration but who have not completed payment, will receive an email to finalize or application will be moved to the wait-list to make room for other dancers. Dancers will not be scheduled for the event, if full payment is not received by the deadlines. To view deadlines click here.

  • Check payments will NOT be accepted for Individual dancer registrations. Large studios only are eligible to submit payment via check. Studios must email the office at to coordinate such payment. 



Invited Soloists - $425 (inclusive fee - see below)

Invited Ensembles - Pas de Deux - $235, Duet|Trio - $80 per dancer, Ensemble - $60 per dancer

Administrative Fee (per person)  - $125



  • Soloist Participant - 3-4 performed solos (4 if pass to Final Round), master classes, repertoire classes, company audition for ages 16+, direct access to over 300 scholarship opportunities, sponsor gifts, event all-access pass, and Final Round ticket. 

  • Ensemble Participant - Event all-access pass, Final Round ticket, masterclasses.


TICKETS OR PASSES TO VIEW EVENT (Teachers, Parents & Guests)

Semi-Final Events:  Coach Pass - $25.00

Available for teachers or parent of independent student. Access to open stage, dressing rooms, and scored classes (subject to venue's most current covid policy).
Passes can be purchased in advance during registration or at the Regional event's check-in table.



St. Petersburg Finals:

  • Coach VIP Pass - $75.00  (Teachers Only)

Includes access to: Round 1, All Round 2 days, Open stage, Dressing Rooms, all Classes, 1 Patrons Circle Final Round Ticket per pass.

VIP passes can be purchased through ADC IBC registration process or at the event.



  • Multi-Day Pass (Parents & Guests)

Adult Multi-Day Pass - $50.00

Includes Access to: All Round 2 days, Dressing Rooms, 1 Orchestra Seat to Final Round Ticket per pass.


Student Multi-Day Pass - $25.00

Includes Access to: All Round 2 days, 1 Orchestra Seat to Final Round Ticket per pass.

Multi-Day Passes are purchased through The Mahaffey Theater only.



  • Single Day Tickets - $10.00

Choice of any Single Day Admission. Does Not Include Final Round. Access in theater only. Backstage not permitted.

Single Day Tickets are purchased through The Mahaffey Theater only.



  • Final Round Tickets Only

Tickets start at $15 and are purchased through The Mahaffey Theater only.




Limited Space available: 1 Hour @  $150

You will need to reserve your space early through the registration process. When schedules publish, you will have first choice of time block.

No 30 minute blocks available. Rehearsal space is located in the Round 1 venue. You will need to book your hours During the Registration Application Process. If you wait to purchase at the event, all space will be booked. 

*Rehearsal space is not a requirement. We offer a limited amount of private studio space for dancers to rehearse during the competition week. Competition teachers, judges, nor staff will be in these private rehearsals.





  • Late Registration Fees are listed above in the Fee Schedule Chart.

  • A $25 Change Fee will be assessed to your account if a change is needed after the modification period has been closed. Account holders are notified via email of the modification window.

  • A $25 Music Fee will be assessed to your account if music is submitted or updated past the venue's music deadline. Music changes at the event may not be allowed, and if accepted, a premium charge will be added to your account, and will need to be paid before dancer performs.

  • Any returned checks will be charged $45.00.




Credit to a future event provided only. See details below:

  • Administrative Fee is non- refundable & non-creditable for any reason.

  • Credits are only applicable to injured dancers. (Full registration amount, minus administrative and credit card fees)

  • Description of "Credit": Credits are placed back into your Dance Comp Genie Account for future use. Original form of payment will not be credited.

  • To Request a Credit (For Injury Only):  a doctor's note must be submitted to on office letterhead with doctors signature, and the funds for 2023/2024 Season will be held in the dancers account for 1 year until the following year competition. Administrative fee is non- refundable for any reason and is non-transferrable from season to season.

  • If illness occurs, a doctor's note must be submitted, and you may transfer entire registration to a later semi-final event. In the case of the last semi-final, a video submission will serve as the dancer's audition to qualify for the Finals.

  • All other requests for refunds or credits will be denied.


  • Register through online portal:

  • Participants may either open an individual account to register as an Independent or Studios can register entire school with their account.

  • Independent Dancers, please still list the school you train with in the application even though you may be entering the competition alone.

  • No school codes are used for parental access. Studio's registering multiple students will need to complete the registration as a studio.

  • ADC IBC does it's absolute best to catch mistakes, however it is the responsibility of Registrants to ensure all information entered is correct in the system.

  • Once your registration info is entered into the system, it will then prompt you to the payment screen. Partial payments or deposits are not accepted. To complete registration you will need to finalize payment. 

  • Account holders will be able to go back into their account to make changes to entry titles. You will not be charged to make these changes unless it is shorter than 2 weeks prior to the event. If you have fully paid your account and go in to add entry titles, your account status will change to Incomplete. All you will need to do is, check-out again. No fees will assess, no data will be lost, and your account will go back to its Complete status once you re-checkout.








ADC IBC uses digital files. The only accepted format is MP3, M4a. (no wave or video files, etc). Music must be received by specified deadlines per location (2 weeks before regional competition start date). If received late, a $25 fee will be assessed to your account. All files are to be uploaded through your Dance Comp Genie Account. You are responsible for uploading the correct music file to the appropriate dance entry field. This is an important reason why your TBA information needs to be added by the deadline. When uploaded correctly, you will be able to play back music file to check.


If circumstances present itself where you must change the music from what was submitted prior to the deadline, upload your new file into your Dance Comp Genie Account & YOU MUST EMAIL to notify us of the change. A $25.00 change fee will be applied to your account.


If music changes are requested Day of Competition or if have not been received at all, a charge of $75 will be required. *Please be aware that ALL our staff members are busy during the event & limited wifi in venues create added complications, thus the premium change fee during event, if allowed at all.


Finals music deadline: March 1, 2024

If circumstances present itself where you must change the music from what was submitted prior to the finals deadline, you may upload your new file & YOU MUST EMAIL with the change. After March 1 a $25.00 change fee will be applied to your account.

** NOTE: Even if there are no changes to your music files from the regional competition to Finals, you will still need to re-upload music files into your FINALS Registration portal in Dance Comp Genie. Files will need to be uploaded to any location that you are participating in.


Participants are responsible for back-up files. The cue should not exceed 5 seconds at the beginning of the music. should be recorded at desired speed, for there will be NO adjustments made during the competition. Back up music is accepted via: ipod, ipad, any device with 3.5mm headphone jack or any device with USB port, such as thumb drive, external hard drive, etc.  Backup music on any device MUST be located  in its own playlist or folder.




*Participants need to also notify the backstage manager about any music irregularities, such as pauses, volume changes, etc so that we do not re-start the performance.



Instructions for Uploading Music:

  1. Login to your Dance Comp Genie Account

  2. On your Dashboard, you will see a button "Upload Music"

  3. Click button and then upload correct file to appropriate field listed with Dancer Name & Entry Title.

  4. To update or change music files, you will repeat step 3. (PLEASE NOTE THAT MUSIC FILE MUST MATCH ENTRY NAME. Example: if you change your file from Don Quixote to Raymonda, and the text field still states Don Quixote, you MUST contact our office immediately to notify us of the change. It is important to have all TBD info updated in the system, so the proper title fields show up in the music uploader. Uploading files into a TBD field will cause issues during the competition.

* Label your music with Dancer Name and Entry Title. 






  • Registration Deadlines: are posted at the following link per city. 

  • Registration for Semi-final events is on a first come, first serve basis. Registration will close when reached max limit, and any additional dancers will be added to the wait-list. Dancers placed on wait-list will not be prompted to pay until we have successfully been able to move dancer into the competition schedule. Being placed on the wait-list does not guarantee registration.


    If received later or not at all, fees will be assessed to your account. Note that Finals requires more time, and deadlines are earlier than 2 weeks. Information will be provided to finalists via email.


When is My Registration Complete?

  • Registration is 100% complete when:

    ​Input all dancer data, entry information, and complete payment. ​(YOU ARE ADDED TO THE PROGRAM)

  • Registration Not Complete when:
    Dancer data, and entry information is added without payment. ADC IBC receives notification of your intent to participate, but you are not yet a Registered Participant of that City. When max limit or deadlines approach, any dancers who have not made their payment in full will be moved to the wait-list or removed.





The ADC IBC scoring style was devised to evaluate the dancers in a more complete fashion. This is the ONLY Pre-professional ballet competition in the U.S. that evaluates class technique & compulsory work to determine final outcome. It is similar to the former New York International Ballet Competition, by means that, all soloists learn mandatory technique exercises and/or variations on location during the event. We felt that being a pre-professional competition, it was our obligation to educate young dancers on this process without the duress of elimination. Read more regarding this on both the  Semi -FinalFinals Format Pages.

  • After the event, your digital scoresheets and video critiques from the Jury will be loaded into your Dance Comp Genie Account, for you to review at your leisure. These are not sent via email. 

  • All dancers receiving scholarship offers, please follow up with the schools who have extended you an opportunity. Approximately 3-5 days following the semi-final events, participants will receive a post event email which will state how to contact the Schools in order to respond.

  • To be eligible for Finals, dancers must perform a classical variation at their semi-final event.

  • Dancers invited to be Finalists is Selective Process. Approximately only 250 students are selected each year. Please note that not all Top 25 semi-final awardees are invited to Finals. You will receive a specific invitation from our office.

  • When selected for Finals, all dancers must come prepared with 1 Classical & 1 Contemporary solo.



ADC IBC will provide each competitor with a state of the art video to purchase. No Personal video cameras will be permitted in the theatres. If a camera is found, ADC IBC reserves the right to confiscate the videotape being used and disqualification could result. Please give us your full cooperation in this matter.


ABSOLUTELY NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY IS PERMITTED. Photos are allowed to be taken during the performance, just make sure the flash is turned off. Beautiful action shots will be captured of every competitor, and will be available for purchase.



Need Financial Assistance? Deadline October 1, 2023

Dancer's teacher must notify our office that a specific student is in financial need. A video must be submitted to by October 1, 2023 with the variations you are requesting assistance. Studio footage only. No costume. Only youtube or vimeo links are accepted. No downloadable videos permitted. A select number of full & partial scholarships will be granted. If selected for a partial scholarship, you will then register the remaining balance online with a coupon code.





Regular Registration
Full Payment completed on/after September 1, 2023 


Solo Variations - $115 per variation

Pas de Deux - $235

Duo|Trio - $80 per dancer

Ensemble - $60 per dancer

Administrative Fee (per person)  - $125

Late Registration
Full Payment completed 45 days or closer to event date.

Solo Variations - $125 per variation

Pas de Deux - $240

Duo|Trio - $85 per dancer

Ensemble - $65 per dancer

Administrative Fee (per person)  - $125

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