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Round II



Top Finalists of each age division along with select ensembles are invited from each of our Semi-Final Tour locations or by video application. Please see How to Join for more details. Approximately 250-275 soloists will be invited to the St. Petersburg, Florida Finals Event at the Mahaffey Theater. 




Finals dancers must be selected through a semi-final event or by video application.






Technique Class

A full class evaluation for all Age Divisions. (Adjudicated by Jury)



Learn Classical Compulsory Variation

Both Male and Female participants learn a classical variation on property. Variation selection is not made public prior to event. For Female Junior and Senior Divisions, pointe is a requirement.
Jury not present)



Coaching Session - Classical Compulsory Variation  

Finalists are separated into groups and have the rare opportunity to run through the compulsory selection and receive feedback, one by one with the master teacher provided by ADC|IBC. 
(Not scored. Some Jury may, however be present)



Stage Performance Classical Variation No.1 (compulsory selection)  

Finalists are asked to perform the compulsory selection for evaluation before Jury Panel Members. 

(Adjudicated by Jury)

Stage Performance Contemporary Selection (prepared selection)

Finalists perform their prepared contemporary selection for evaluation before Jury Panel Members. The choreographic selection is the dancers' choice. (Adjudicated by Jury)


Stage Performance Classical Variation No.2 (prepared selection)

Finalists perform their prepared classical variation for evaluation before Jury Panel Members. Variation must be selected from pre-approved Repertoire List. (Adjudicated by Jury)





Top 5-10 Primary Dancers, 15-20 JR & SR Dancers Perform Classical Variation No. 3

Highest scoring soloists from previous round are acknowledged and perform one final time before our *New  Final Round Jury. 


  • Top 2025 Soloists and Ensembles vying for Top Prizes.

  • Professional Gala Artists, and select Alumni.

  • Final Round Jury comprised of all Second Company & Artistic Directors from Partnering organizations.

  • Repertoire Selections set on participants during event - perform in Final Round Performance.



Dancers will be asked to complete their Finals Registration & Scholarship Form by strict Deadlines.


Finals Registration: Is typically due approximately 2 weeks after your Semi-Final Event (Can vary by location). Exact deadline will be provided in your invitation email. School directors / independent dancers can expect their invitation email 5 days after your specific semi-final location finalizes. 

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT RECEIVING AN INVITATION EMAIL DOES NOT HOLD YOUR FINALS SPOT. More invitations will be sent out than spots available in Finals to account for injuries or scheduling conflicts, etc.

Scholarship Form: Being a part of ADC|IBC means you are automatically part of our large extended network of professional schools and companies. Each year our network organizations search for dancers to fill their feeder companies, year round and summer programs. After registering for the Finals in St. Petersburg, dancers will receive an email to complete their scholarship form and return back via email. In order to prepare in advance for some of the required information, below describes criteria that will need to be attached to form.

Photos required for scholarship form:

  • 1 Headshot (No specific criteria. Recommendation is to have photo look how student will appear in ballet class.)

  • 1 Dance Photo Needed. Dance photo may either be: first arabesque, or a la seconde. Examples of poses below. Pose must be in centre (no barre assistance). Pointe shoes can be worn, but pose should not be en pointe. Do not battement leg, should demonstrate a held position.


Arabesque Audition Requirement
Alasecond Audition Requirement


  • Prepared classical variations must be selected from the approved Repertoire List.

  • Click here to read regulations for pointe work.

  • Prepared variations are rehearsed during the course of the year in your home town. The compulsory variation is learned during the event.

  • The variation performed in a Semi-Final location that qualifies a dancer for the Finals DOES NOT need to be performed in Finals. A new variation may be registered for Finals.

  • Dancers are responsible for obtaining all rights to their contemporary work. If the piece was created for the participant, this does not apply. If wanting to perform the exact work of George Balanchine, for example, you must contact the Balanchine Foundation for rights. 

  • Regulation time limit for classical/contemporary choreography is 2:30. 

  • No Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, or full Acro choreography allowed in contemporary solo. No more than 2 acro elements can be put in contemporary work. 

  • If you are not sure whether your choreography will be received well in a ballet competition, feel free to email us.













Each Panel Member allocates a score per centre combination of provided technique class. Plus a score for the on-stage compulsory classical. All scores are averaged into one Round 1 score per soloist.


Round 1 score becomes 1/3 of overall Round 2 score. The final 2/3 come from the Technical & Artistic Merits of the Prepared Selections.

Each dancers classical and contemporary selections are averaged together to identify the Top scoring candidates of the Round.



The Top scoring candidates are then evaluated one final time by a Brand New Jury Panel. Both Technical & Artistic Evaluations will take place for the third and final classical variation.

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