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Round II


Following Round 1 class work, the competition moves into the Mahaffey Theater directly across the street from Host Hotel.
Here, the live performance element will be evaluated, scoring a variety of defined Artistic & Technical components seen on stage.
Round II Classical Variations performed must be selected from our
pre-approved list.

There is LIVE Adjudication minutes after performing, to help you continue to track your progress in the competition.


Classical Ballet Solo Division

All Classical Soloists Must Select an Approved Variation from the Repertoire List.


Click here to read regulations for pointe work.


These entries are prepared during the course of the year in your home town.


There is not a required entry amount. ADC|IBC recommendation is two classical variations and one contemporary solo, highlighting your stronger style. The variation that scores the highest will be placed in the running for overalls. The lowest scoring variation will be dropped.

Contemporary Dance Solo Division

You are responsible for obtaining all rights to your work. If the piece was created for the participant, this does not apply. If wanting to perform the exact work of George Balanchine, for example, you must contact the Balanchine Foundation for rights.


Regulation time limit for these entries are 2:30. 


No Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, or Complete Acro choreography allowed. No more than 2 acro elements can be put in contemporary solo work. 


If you are not sure whether your choreography will be received well in a ballet competition, feel free to check out our youtube & vimeo channels for past contemporary winners.

Ensemble Division Pas de Deux, Duo|Trio, Groups

The Classical Pas de Deux Category competes separate & Must be selected off the Repertoire List above. A Contemporary style pas de deux would fall into the duo/trio category. Pointe regulations apply for classical pas de deux category.


Duo/Trios May or May Not use the choreographic works provided in the repertoire list. Duo|trios compete in a separate category, however will compete with Groups for the $1,000 Cash Grand Prize.


Groups May or May not use the works defined in the approved repertoire list. 

Extended Time Permitted for Classical Repertoire Only. A $100 charge per additional minute will apply. Partial Minutes Also Apply. With Extended Time, Ensemble (4-7 Dancers) must NOT Exceed 5:00min. With Extended Time, Ensemble (8+ Dancers) must NOT Exceed 6:00min. If Registering Online, pay at normal rate. Then Click on 'Quick Pay' on Registration Page  to pay additional fee.


Please refer to the Rules | Regulations for time limits pertaining to the size ensemble.




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