ADC|IBC and Houston Ballet Academy's Journey to a Successful Partnership


The American Dance Competition | International Ballet Competition (ADC|IBC), is an annual youth ballet competition that takes place each spring in Florida. It is one unlike many others in regards to its overall focus. Rather than focusing on placements or medals, which is just one aspect of competition, ADC|IBC’s focus is geared toward creating a networking event that will help students connect with advanced training and employers. The relationships fostered through this competition are something that ADC|IBC prides itself on.

One of the important relationships that has been built over the past few years is with Houston Ballet Academy (HBA). Audrianna Broad, founder and president of ADC|IBC, discusses the budding history with Houston Ballet (HB) and what it has done so far for those involved. “We first contacted Houston Ballet in 2014, as we were in the planning phase for our 10th anniversary year,” Broad tells Dance Informa. “ADC|IBC went through a large shift that year by implanting $10,000 in cash prizes, increased staff, adding three of the top U.S. companies as scholarship presenters (American Ballet Theatre, Boston Ballet and HB all in the same year) and doubling the size of our jury, which has since quadrupled in size.”

L-R Above: HBII Director Claudio Munoz, Boston Ballet School Director Margaret Tracey, Ballet West Academy Director Peter Merz (standing), The Washington Ballet Artistic Director Julie Kent, ADC|IBC President and Artistic Director Audrianna Broad, USA PR Director Andres Acevedo. Photo by Scott Gill.

Claudio Munoz with 2016 HBA Scholarship Recipient Brady Farrar of Stars Dance Studio. Photo by Scott Gill.

For the 2017 season, ADC|IBC invited 15 panel members, all school or company directors from major institutions, to come and represent their company and select talent accordingly. With all of these aspects in place, it made the event one of the largest sources for scholarship funding and professional opportunities worldwide for the ballet community. Adding HBA to the roster was just the beginning of what would prove to be a unique relationship with ADC|IBC. Scholarship presenters play a key role in regards to their needs and involvement with the event.

“Houston is very hands-on, selective and long range planners,” says Broad. “Houston Ballet II (HBII) Director Claudio Munoz, who’s been a jury member for three years now, has made a huge impact on the competition and the dancers whom he’s selected throughout the years. I like that he takes each dancer on a case-by-case basis and looks at their individual needs.”

Broad goes on to express her admiration of the fact that Munoz hand picks students for whom he can foresee a direct path at HBA and eventually into the feeder company. The follow through that results from such attention to detail is evident, according to Broad, which is why she trusts his advice 100 percent and values his commitment to the success of the partnership that’s been created over time. The scholarship opportunities afforded to those students who are chosen by HBA is just another reason why there continues to be such a great relationship with ADC|IBC.