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Scholarship Expo

Workshop Classes. 


Professional Job Offers.

Company Audition

Are you Ready to commit to year round advanced training with a professional company?

For Ages 16+ Only. Audition is included in the expo for the oldest age group.


Approximately 15 professional companies represented directly at the event with a Dozen more Directors reached through our online stream.


Any offers made will be posted on our social media sites at completion of the competition. Please check our news feed. If you are a non-competitor and an offer was made, you will receive a follow-up email to notify you.

Audition will include a Ballet Technique Class and Pointe work. Class given by a Presenting Company. Competitors need to wear your Audition number given on Day 1.
Non-competitors you will be given your number when you check-in, day of the audition.

Classes Offered

Expo classes are separate of those required for Round 1, and are not scored. These classes are solely an opportunity to work with our Team of Master Instructors & Judges, in addition to the chance of being selected as a scholarship recipient of one or more of our partnering schools and intensives.


Each age group will be offered 3-4 classes over the course of several days. (Thurs-Sun)


Classes offered: Ballet Technique, Pointe, Pre-pointe, Men's Class, Contemporary Technique, Contemporary Composition, Turning Mechanics, etc.


Instructors have included: 
Julie Kent, The Washington Ballet Artistic Director

Xiomara Reyes, The Washington Ballet School Director

Dierdre Miles Burger, Orlando Ballet School Director
Claudio Munoz, Houston Ballet II Director
Margaret Tracey, Boston Ballet School Principal

Alfonso Martin, Tulsa Ballet II Director
Amanda Mckerrow, Former ABT Principal

Alexandra Koltun, Former Boston Ballet Principal Dancer
Edward Ellison, Director of Ellison Ballet, Former San Francisco Ballet Soloist

Dennis Marshall, Co-Director of PBT School, Former ABT Soloist & San Francisco Ballet Principal
Yan Chen, Former ABT Soloist
John Gardner, Former ABT Soloist
Peter Merz, Ballet West Academy Director
Christopher Rudd, Ballet West Principal Dancer

Mimmo Miccolis, The Washington Ballet Resident Choreographer
Marjorie Grundvig, Co-Director of PBT School, Former Tulsa Ballet & Boston Ballet Soloist

Natasha Glos, Former Ballerina with the Kirov Ballet in St. Petersburg, Russia
Olivier Munoz, Orlando Ballet Principal Teacher

Rinat Imaev, The Washington Ballet Head of Men's Program

Kelly Boal, Pacific Northwest Ballet

and more...

Scholarships Offered

ADC IBC awards between 200 - 250 scholarships each year. Awards range from Full tuition Summer Intensive Programs, to Year Round Scholarships, to Trainee/Apprentice Positions with Professional Companies. We are here to help you grow your personal network, and to help you take that important step to advance your training with our dance community leaders.  

We are one of very few events worldwide that offer this level and amount of opportunities in one location.

What is your dream academy to train with? Are they one of our Partner Schools?
If not, let us know...we will start the conversation for you.

Pictured: Edward Ellison having a great class with our primary's

Expo Eligibility

Our Scholarship Expo is the only aspect of the event open to non-competitors. While Space Permits.

Classes fill up very quickly, as priority goes to competing participants.

All Dancers with a pre-professional ballet focus are welcome, ages 9-21.


Scholarship Expo is included for all soloist competitors. Any ensemble dancers who wish to take part in the expo, will need to register for the classes separately. Not included in ensemble fees.


Expo fee for non-competitors & non-soloists - $150, plus admin fee.


How To Register

Registration will Open November.

To Register as a Soloist, click here.


To Register as a non-competitor, click here.

Are you an Ensemble Dancer and want to sign-up for the expo, click here.


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