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2023 Contracts, Professional Opportunities & Scholarship Offers

2023 SR Grand Prix Recipient, Julie Joyner. Photos by: IOPhotostudio

ADC IBC finalized its' 18th Season this March and continues to serve the dance community as one of the leading scholarship platforms today in support of the dancers' journey from student to professional. With the generous help of our partner companies, we are able to invest in talented youth and focus on their development by providing tuition-free training into these renowned facilities. Our partners commitment to our vision goes much deeper than summer assistance. Students are commonly provided year-round & housing scholarships. When these opportunities are extended for year-round programs, a particular student can be awarded anywhere from $25,000-$32,000 in scholarship assistance for the year. In addition, an astounding 45 Room & Board Scholarships have generously been provided. Students also have the unique ability to secure their first steps towards their professional careers within our program. Over 100 students have been given such an opportunity in 2023!

Our reach within the Dance Community continues to expand. Last season, in 2022, we saw growth at an increasing rate due to our first US semi-final tour. Just over 650 scholarship opportunities were awarded that year. Now, after completing our 2nd US tour, the competition exceeded its goals, and awarded over 1,000 Scholarship Opportunities for dancers to develop their training. This equates to over $1 million in scholarship funding. Below you will find the complete list of professional opportunities and scholarships offered through the 2023 season. Here are a few highlights:

Professional Opportunities Offered

101 - Company Contracts, Second Company, Trainee & Graduate Program Positions

79 - Company Experience Programs

Summer, Year-Round, and Short Stay Program Scholarships

624 - Summer Program Scholarships awarded

109 - Year-Round Professional Training awarded

56 - Short Stay Scholarships awarded

Statistics above do not include direct entry offers.

2023 Scholarships Awarded [FULL]
Download PDF • 373KB

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