2018 Scholarship Announcement

Keaton Gillepsie, 2018 JR ADC|IBC Grand Prix

ADC IBC has continued to outpace itself in 2018, and is serving as a leading scholarship source for North American Professional Ballet Companies & Academies. We consistently are seeking new opportunities on the students behalf and have looked to gradually grow & find like-minded non profit partners with a similar mission & vision so that dancers have access and a means to develop their path towards a professional career.

Summary of 2018 Scholarship Offering from Our Partner Organizations

1. Professional Company Training Opportunities: 30 Trainee Positions, Second Company Consideration, Graduate & Company Experience Programs

2. Summer Program Scholarships: 164 Varied from Full Tuition & Room/Board Scholarships to tuition only. Read Below for details per organization.

3. 2018 - 2019 Year Round Professional Training Program Positions: 60 Varied from Tuition plus Room/Board/Health Insurance to tuition only scholarships.

4. 2018 - 2019 Year Round Professional Training Program, Short Stay Scholarships: 42 Opportunity to work directly with year round academy on a short term basis, to be utilized any time throughout the school year. Varied from Tuition plus room/board to tuition only. Details below.

5. Direct Entry Summer Program & Year Round Programs: 38

Some partner schools did not provide physical packets to pick-up, but contact info was provided via social media during the event. If you did not locate this info, please contact us at

Opportunities listed per organization below.

American Ballet Theatre

Full Tuition Scholarship 2018 Summer Program - New York 293 Tia Wenkman

301 Joaquin Gaubeca 307 Harry Pickering

Full Tuition Scholarship 2018 Summer Program - Tampa 303 Cameron Kesten

Art of Movement

Full Tuition Scholarship 2018 Summer Intensive

174 Tegan Chou

228 Dominika Afanasenkov

361 Tehya West