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ADC|IBC 2020 Video Applications for Early Registrants & International Students will open October 1, 2019.
Read below.

Submission Period: 
October 1 -  November 17

EARLY REGISTRATION          October 1 - November 17

Applicant Types Permitted to Submit during Early Registration



Award winners include: 2019 Medalists, 2019 Top 15 / Top 25 awardees, and 2018 - 1st, 2nd, 3rd or Grand Prix placement.


No Video Required. Simply Click here to Register Online.

From Oct 1 - Nov 17, Award Winners are GUARANTEED a soloist spot in 2020 competition. If award winner registers during General Registration Period, dancer will receive priority, however not guaranteed.



 No Video Required. Simply Click here to Register Online.


 School Director will need to provide 2020 headcount per age division by November 17. All Applications must be finalized by: January 20.

 Email to reserve your space. 

From Oct 1 - Nov 17, Students from Partner Schools are GUARANTEED a soloist spot in 2020 competition. If partner school does not notify competition with dancer list by Nov 17, students will receive priority during General Registration, however not guaranteed.




Any applicant not considered an Award Winner or part of a Partner School is Strongly Encouraged to submit a video audition during the Early Registration period to try and secure a 2020 spot prior to General Registration Opening. A video submission does not guarantee automatic admission. The ADC IBC organizing committee will determine whether an application is granted express approval for Early Registration or whether the applicant is approved for General Registration or the wait-list.



Video Application Fee - $50 
Click here to go to application.


  • Video audition is not required for USA applicants, however is strongly encouraged due to amount of applications.

  • Video audition is a requirement for all International students that are not prior year award winners.

  • Video audition fee is non-refundable, and does not go towards the registration fees.

  • Any Registration submitted during the Early Period, that are NOT one of the three applicant types listed above, your application will be on HOLD until General Registration Opens and will not receive priority due to date of submission.


GENERAL REGISTRATION     Opens November 18

Once the number of soloists are met, all subsequent applicants will be automatically placed on a wait-list.


  • At this phase in the registration process, very limited spots will remain, and not all applications will be able to be processed.

  • We highly recommend to register ASAP. A set number of soloists are admitted each year, and the number of event days will not be expanded to meet demand. Waitlisted dancers will be notified by our office if an injury/withdraw occurs. After March 2, ADC IBC will no longer pull from the waitlist. Any applications that can not be processed, will receive notification by ADC Office and  a refund of all fees. Wait-listed dancers will not be required to submit fees until they are notified of available space.

  • Dance Photo Required in General Registration Application. It will be uploaded into the online form. Video not required. Preference will also be given to dancers whom have earned the following achievements: Any Prix de Lausanne Candidate, YAGP Finals - All Award Winners, YAGP Regionals Top 3.
    These achievements will be notated in application. An award from any other event will not be considered.

    Dance photo may be either: a la seconde or first arabesque. Sample of poses seen below.

    * Pointe shoes may be worn, however pose is not to be en pointe. Pose should be free standing (no barre). No battement permitted. 


  • Posted deadlines will be void once soloist count has reached its maximum.



International Dancers are classified as: any individual who currently resides outside of the USA. Any student with non US citizenship, but

currently training at a Ballet Academy within the United States, will be considered a USA Applicant.

If You Classify as an International Student, You Must be Selected by Video Audition, or be an Award Winner from previous ADC IBC event.

Any returning international student that does not qualify as an 'Award Winner', will need to re-apply via video audition.


1. Click Video Application Link Here Soloist Form | Ensemble Form or on Registration Tab


2. Complete Form, Copy Paste youtube or vimeo link at bottom of page. Videos that require passwords or that need to be downloaded will not be accepted. Name of Applicant needs to be titled on YouTube video.


3. Video Audition Period for International Dancers & Early Registration Begins October 1 and Closes November 17, 2019

  • Submit your travel visa application with your government entity at this time. 

  • There is a $50 Video Application fee per soloist & per ensemble.


4. Accepted Applicants should Start Registration once approval is received. Email provided by this office will instruct the dancer of their status.  

There are four possible results:

  • Express Approval (Response by competition within 1-2 weeks of submission)

  • Approved for General (Response by competition - November 30)

  • Wait-list (Response by competition - November 30)

  • Not Approved (Response by competition within 1-2 weeks of submission)


5. All Accepted Applicants must fully Register Online by  the following--> INTERNATIONAL - January 10, USA - January 20.


  • If your full registration is not processed by the deadline, your acceptance will be immediately released to make room for additional USA competitors. Please note that submitting your registration by the Deadline does NOT  guarantee that your application can be processed. Once soloists spots reach capacity, we will no longer process applications, and student will be placed on the wait-list automatically. 

  • International deadline is prior to US deadline due to Visa restrictions & complications.

       Visa must be approved by Jan 10. 


  • You will need to apply for travel visa with your government agency when starting the video audition process. Most countries take 1 month or  more for approval. Once Accepted into the competition, ADC IBC will issue an Invitation Letter (if needed) to help finalize your visa paperwork.

  • Video Application Fee is Non-Refundable, and does not apply towards registration fees.



  • Video must contain (1) classical variation.

  • Footage MUST be from the studio.

  • Name of Applicant Must be on Title of Video.

  • We are to clearly see the dancer's face. If not, our office will ask for additional footage.

  • No Costume. Classical Audition attire. 

  • Pointe shoes - females 12 & older.

  • Variation in video does not have to be performed in the competition, but needs to be one of the approved selections from Repertoire List.



  • Group video required only for International Ensembles.

  • Video must contain the exact choreography & dancers expected to compete during competition.

  • Name of School & Name of Dance Must be on Title of Video.

  • Footage MUST be from the studio.

  • We are to  clearly be able to see the dancers and their ability. This is strictly enforced. If selection committee can not clearly see faces, you will be asked to resubmit. 

  • Choreography may or may not be selected from Repertoire List.


The Below chart is to help illustrate the order of admittance the ADC IBC office follows.

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